NC High School Beach Volleyball – Join

Click on the resource links below for presentations and registration forms on how to form a NC High School Beach Volleyball Club. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE LIST OF CLUBS FOR 2017/2018 SEASON WHO HAVE SUBMITTED PAPERWORK THUS FAR.

  • General Presentation – You are free to re-use/adapt the presentation for your purposes as you look to get things started at your school.
  • Registration Info – Updated for 2017/2018 season! State playoffs will be the weekend of May 19-20, 2018 at Capt’n Bills in Wilmington. 
  • These forms are necessary for registration:
    • Club Membership Form – Word Doc Version PDF Version – Early bird registration deadline with member fees discount is December 15, 2017. Regular registration deadline is January 15, 2018 along with initial roster/player dues (minimum of 2 players)! Late fee of $25 will be charged to clubs wanting to join in after the regular registration deadline with no previous status communication provided to the NCHSSVA. However, late joins are subject to how far along scheduling is for a conference and not guaranteed, especially the further past the deadline things are. (Note: Returning clubs do not need to fill out the roster portion as part of membership form. Instead, use the google doc link that will be provided to you via email)
    • Personnel Code of Ethics – Signed by club supervisors
    • Participant Waiver Release Form – Signed by participants and parent/guardian (if under age of 18)
  • Sand Volleyball Rules
  • Sample Competition Formats – Dual Meets, Open Style Tournaments, etc.
  • Grant Application – The NCHSSVA directs surplus funds each year towards awarding grants, which are directed toward projects that serve the court infrastructure needs to support high school beach volleyball in North Carolina. Deadline for grant requests is May 1st of each year. Awards are announced in late May.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) think of this? While sand volleyball is not sanctioned by NCHSAA (and won’t even be considered until around 25% of member schools are participating in sand volleyball activities), it is not blocking schools from starting sand volleyball programs. The NCHSAA views sand volleyball as a separate sport from indoor volleyball and therefore is not applying any rules regarding when and how many players an indoor volleyball coach can supervise during sand volleyball activities. The same participation eligibility rules that apply to students when competing in sanctioned sports should also apply to participation in sand volleyball clubs. The NCHSAA is NOT permitting any “beach” practices on an indoor hard court.

How is this sand volleyball currently designated at high schools? Sand volleyball is a club and should adhere to any school-specific rules regarding the formation of a club or club sport. This can vary from school to school but typically involves a school staff/faculty member serving as a “sponsor” for the club and perhaps some documentation being filed such as a purpose statement and/or by-laws statement. In many cases, Athletic Directors do not even play a role because sand volleyball is considered a club activity. In some cases where no official school support can be obtained for a club, students from the same school can self-organize and be involved in this initiative. This should be a last resort though after all other avenues with the school have been pursued.

When is the playing season? Clubs are free to set whatever season they want for practices/training but competitions will be from early March to mid May.

Who can play? How many participants do you need? This is open to boys and girls (with or without volleyball experience). Starting with the 2018 competition season and in an effort to more closely adhere to how competitions are setup at the college (NCAA) level and would eventually be setup when the sport is sanctioned at the high school level is to have at least 3 girls teams for any official competition (ie: 6 players). For boys, competitions will remain involving individual teams (ie: 2 players each).  After the registration period ends (mid Jan), the NCHSSVA board will setup conferences and announce how many bids to state playoffs each conference will have. It is up to the member schools of each conference to decide how exactly they want those bids to state playoffs to be awarded. If you are at a school where fielding the minimum number of players to compete officially is not going to be possible, then you do have the opportunity to ask the NCHSSVA board for approval to merge with a nearby club. Any rules imposed by the schools involved in any potential club merger regarding participant eligibility for clubs must also be considered in each case.

Is there a state playoffs? Yes, playoffs will be contested using a tournament format in late April/early May. The location may vary from year to year. Playoffs feature a “Best Pairs” competition where the best individual teams (girls and boys) face off. There is also a “Best Club” championship featuring 3 girls teams from each participating club facing off in a dual-meet format against teams from other clubs. Starting in 2018 we will also be looking to introduce a “Best Boys Conference” competition for the boys where 3 boys teams from each conference (teams do not have to be from the same school) face off against counterparts from other conferences. In all cases, there is a selection process for teams and clubs in order to participate.

Where to practice/compete? There are several multi-court parks and private facilities sprinkled around the state that can be used for practices and the NCHSSVA would be happy to work with you on securing sites, especially for competitions. Reaching out to your conference supervisor is a good first step.(Names and contact info provided in the Registration Info doc)

How much does it cost? The primary costs involve rentals for competitions, uniforms, and some outdoor volleyballs. Each club can decide what participation fee they want to charge but $20/player goes to the NCHSSVA who will use that money to cover competition rentals and general liability insurance.

What about uniforms? Gym/volleyball shorts and t-shirts/tank tops with a school logo are acceptable. Tops must cover the trunk area. Numbers on shirts are NOT necessary.